The Chapter Board of Directors (Board) and all Chapter Officers commit to ethical, businesslike, and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum while acting as Directors or Officers. At all times, the members of the Board are expected to hold themselves to a higher duty of care and conduct. Their actions should in no way reflect poorly on the Chapter or IMBA.

  1. Board members and Officers must have loyalty to the membership of the organization, unconflicted by loyalties to staff, other organizations or groups, and any self-interest.
  2. Board members must avoid conflict of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibilities.
    1. Members will annually disclose their involvements with organizations or with vendors, staff or affiliates and any other associations that might be reasonably seen as representing a conflict of interest.
    2. When the Board is to decide on an issue about which a member has an unavoidable conflict of interest, that member shall disclose such conflict and recuse him- or herself without comment not only from the vote but from the deliberation.
    3. Board members will not use their Board position to obtain employment in the Chapter for themselves, family members, or close associates. A board member who applies for employment must first resign from the Board.
    4. An employee who becomes a candidate for the Board shall automatically be deemed to be on an extended leave of absence during his or her candidacy. An employee candidate who successfully becomes a board member shall be deemed to have automatically and voluntarily resigned as an employee.
  3. Board members may not attempt to exercise individual authority over the organization, its affiliates, or any of their parts or staff.
  4. Board members will respect the confidentiality appropriate to issues of a sensitive nature.
  5. Board members will be properly prepared for Board deliberation.
  6. Board members will support the legitimacy and authority of the final determination of the Board on any matter, irrespective of the member’s personal position on the issue.
  7. Board members are bound at all times to comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations that apply to the club and its activities. Any Board member that fails to comply with any such law or regulation governing the actions of the club is subject to impeachment pursuant to the provisions of the bylaws. The foregoing includes knowingly and purposefully riding on trails on which the applicable governing authority has officially prohibited mountain biking and the construction or alteration of trails in violation of any applicable law or regulation. In addition, a Board member's participation in the construction of unauthorized trails is presumptively deemed to be in direct conflict with the club bylaws and mission statement and shall constitute ground for immediate removal from the Board pursuant to the procedures set forth in the bylaws.
Notice All incoming board members will need to print and sign this document.